Posted on November 14, 2014

This is not very scintillating to read but is a VITAL bit of information you should be aware of when hiring a vehicle.

There are, lurking around in the ungrowth around the UK some unscrupulous car transporter rental people who tell you that you must supply your own insurance.

Now, if you are a company, that is often not an issue, but, and it is a large almost insurmountable but, for individuals this is rarely possible.

To gain your business these dodgy people will tell you to get short term cover from Tempcover, Aviva or one of the other “day insurance” companies.

Here is why you should not do it:

Tucked away in the very difficult to find terms and conditions of Tempcover and the majority of other similar day cover companies is an condition which specifically EXCLUDES cover on rented vehicles.

Aviva will cover rented vehicles but they EXCLUDE car transporters.

So, buy cover through one of these routes and be unfortunate to have  a crash you will find that you are uninsured.

Genuine self drive rental operators, such as us, of course, will have in place a very expensive policy which will cover hirers properly.

This applies not only to hirers of car transporters but also conventional cars and vans.


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