When your car isn’t exciting enough…



OK a red Ferrari is quite nice to drive but…

…for a real adrenalin rush park your Ferrari on our car transporter from us. When your need for thrills has been satisfied take the Ferrari off the back and go for a leisurely drive.

There is nothing quite like the joy of the open road and a car transporter.




So you want to do a bit road rage?

Well punk do you feel lucky?


This is not very scintillating to read but is a VITAL bit of information you should be aware of when hiring a vehicle.

There are, lurking around in the ungrowth around the UK some unscrupulous car transporter rental people who tell you that you must supply your own insurance.

Now, if you are a company, that is often not an issue, but, and it is a large almost insurmountable but, for individuals this is rarely possible.

To gain your business these dodgy people will tell you to get short term cover from Tempcover, Aviva or one of the other “day insurance” companies.

Here is why you should not do it:

Tucked away in the very difficult to find terms and conditions of Tempcover and the majority of other similar day cover companies is an condition which specifically EXCLUDES cover on rented vehicles.

Aviva will cover rented vehicles but they EXCLUDE car transporters.

So, buy cover through one of these routes and be unfortunate to have  a crash you will find that you are uninsured.

Genuine self drive rental operators, such as us, of course, will have in place a very expensive policy which will cover hirers properly.

This applies not only to hirers of car transporters but also conventional cars and vans.


7.5t trucks now available in Horsham, West Sussex

If your load is over 1500kgs it cannot be carried on our standard 3.5t trucks. As an experiment we have added a 7.5t truck available from our location in Horsham, West Sussex.

This beast can carry 2500kgs but to hire you will need to hold a class C licence or passed your test PRIOR to 1st January 1997.


Pretty standard type loadPretty odd load on one of our trucksCollection 2

What can be carried?


A frequently asked question is what can be carried on our trucks i.e. is it only cars. Emphatically not.

Provided it is within the weight limitations and the length/ width fit carry what you wish.

Pretty standard type load

Pretty standard type load

Pretty odd load on one of our trucks
Pretty odd load on one of our trucks



This is why we don’t like trailers

This video shows why we are not lovers of trailers

The Curse of of the cheap Gumtree carrier

The old saying if it sounds too good to be true them it probably is:

This is a tale of woe related to us by a few customers over the last year:

On Gumtree amongst other sites people have found guys offering really cheap car transporting deals. Unfortunately many of these deals are offered by couriers who hitch up a trailer  to their van and, because they are travelling near to where the car is to be picked up and delivered, only really need to cover the cost of their fuels and so offer very cheap prices.

Great economic sense and ecologically sound, you might think.

Unfortunately, a number of customers have found this to be very much more expensive than they expected.

The car is picked up on time and off the courier goes the fly in the ointment is that the majority of these guys are running illegally without the proper insurance for hire and reward vehicle deliveries; without the right driving licence to tow a trailer and the majority are running their vehicles overweight and require some rather complex licences to be able to run a van/trailer combination.

Not an issue, their problem yo might think.

It is until they get stopped by the Police or VOSA inspectors at which point they are frequently prohibited from travelling further until either the trailer and or the load on the trailer is removed. This is where it becomes the car owner’s problem.

In some cases the courier has offloaded the car in the layby or VOSA inspection area and driven off. Vosa/Police then have an untaxed and uninsured car on their hands and call a vehicle removal company to take the car to the pound.

At this point the pain really starts because you are then faced with having to pay the removal and storage charges plus you need to go and pick your car up.

The car maybe of very low value and you might decide that it is not worth picking up and decide to abandon the car to the pound. Live is just not that easy and is decidedly unfair, the pain goes on…

…you cannot simply walk away from it! You are the legal owner the fact that the carrier has dumped the car without your knowledge or consent is no excuse. You engaged someone to undertake a job illegally any costs which flow from that arrangement going wrong are down to you. Sure, if you can track down the guy from a mobile phone number on an online ad you might be able to sue him but that is likely to be a blind alley.

The message clear do the job yourself, which we prefer, or if you do use a carrier, check that:

  • They have hire and reward insurance
  • They have the correct category of licence (many couriers will have licences from outside the UK which are often mor restrictive than UK licences)
  • In order to use a van/trailer combination teh carrier must have an OPERATORS LICENCE this is issued by VOSA and permits someone to use a vehicle over 3500kgs gross vehicle weight for business. This has nothing to do with the driver licence requirement. The vehicle should also be equipped with a tachograph

If you cut any corners on this you could find yourelf saddled with a large and ever growing bill whilst you car sits in the car compound.

Car transporters, easier than trailers?

 pit-2Vehicle transporter hire is a straightforward and low cost way to move your car. Perhaps the biggest fear for people who have never used a car transporter before is simply not knowing how to secure a car onto a recovery truck.

Over 99% of our first time hirers have never used this type of truck or the equipment before.

The equipment we supply has been selected for ease of use designed to help you move your car just a few miles, or, as one our clients recently did, from Bucharest to Brighton.