Car transporters, easier than trailers

Vehicle transporter hire is a straightforward and low cost way to move your car. Perhaps the biggest fear for people who have never used a car transporter before is simply not knowing how to secure a car onto a recovery truck.

It is that simple!

Ok, we admit that we are biased in favour of car transporter hire and against car trailer hire. For reasons of:

  • Speed – Our transporters can be driven quicker
  • Safety – Our transporters and significantly more stable than trailers
  • Easier to use – Our units are compact and equipped with a ELECTRIC winch

The track record of car trailers even when being towed at sensible speeds is not great. Even those with long experience of using trailers will agree to how terrifying it can be towing a trailer in strong winds or other bad weather.

  • OOPS!! Perhaps not this extreme, but accidents with trailers are very common.
  • In our crowded streets it can be challenging to park a single vehicle. To park a car and trailer combination which might need as much space as 2-3 cars might not be possible. Equally, it might be impossible to actually get the car trailer close enough to load.
  • With an average length of 7m our car transporters are as easy to manoeuvre and park as any large van.

Our vehicle transporters are equipped with an ELECTRIC WINCH to make light work of loading a non-runner.

Hire a car trailer and chances are it will not have a winch – so get your back ready for some heavy duty pushing! If you do hire a trailer with a winch it will almost certainly be a shoulder and arm wrenching hand cranked winch.

The legalities of driving our vehicle transporter hire units is clear cut:  Provided you do not overload the unit, they can be driven on a standard class B driving licence.

With car trailers the legal situation becomes a horribly complicated minefield.

What licence category you need is dependant on the total weight of your car + trailer + load.

If the total exceeds 3500kgs then you require a cat C licence or have passed your test prior to 1/1/97.

So, if you have a heavy 4x4 then your trailer + load weight allowance might be minimal. For instance a Landrover Discovery 4 weighs around 2500kgs add an average car trailer weighing around 750kgs. This means that if you have a standard car licence the maximum weight of car you can carry is only 250kgs.

Here is an important thought:
  • You must also check what weight your car is legally permitted to tow. For instance the maximum weight (trailer + load) a Ford Mondeo can tow is between 1560 and 1650kgs (depends on the model). To establish the towing weight of your car refer to the car handbook.

If your load is under 1.5t keep your car transportation uncomplicated and safer. Hire one of our car transporters. Get it booked now. To find out if your vehicle is within the weight that can carried by our transporters please visit

We Guarantee

That once you have confirmed your car transporter hire booking we will NEVER cancel simply to make way for a longer, more lucrative booking.