Why Car Transporter Hire

The simple answer is that driving a car transporter is just like driving any large van. Simpler, safer and faster than a trailer.

The overall length of a fully loaded car transporter is on average around 7m the combined length of car and trailer around 9m. In areas with restricted access that extra length can cause you some problems.

Whether you decide to hire a car transporter from us or not the following may be very useful to your decision making

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  • Ok.  you have a towbar fitted to your car and the rental of a trailer may be marginally cheaper than renting one of our transporter units however, there are a large  number of provisos  such as
  • Just how much can your car legally tow? For intance a Mondeo can tow up to a total of 1800 kgs if you hire an average trailer weighing 750kgs  you can only carry just over 1 ton.
  • Ok, you may have a landrover which can legally tow a couple of tons. BUT CAN YOU LEGALLY TOW WITH IT? If you have a standard car licence the MAXIMUM total weight of th towing vehicle +trailer + trailer load must not exceed 3500kgs. If it does you require a class C licence qualification or have passed your test prior to 1/1/1997.
  • If you do not have a road legal number plate on the back of the trailer you may well get a fixed penalty ticket. This adds to the cost and inconvenience.
  • Have you considered the wear and tear on your car, particularly if you are towing a considerable distance.
  • Have you considered how much longer the journey may take. Towing a trailer above 50 can make for a hair raising journey.
  • What if you need to park? Whilst our transporter units are long, they are considerably shorter than a car/ trailer combo making parking easier.
  • What if the car you are collecting is a non-starter? Most of our units are equipped with electric winches making the loading/ unloading of non-runners easy and safe.
  • Did you know that hundreds of car trailers are stolen a year. They are easy to steal and export withor without your load.
  • To be honest there are very many more reasons for choosing one of our self drive car transporters., but I think we have made our point.
  • Our car transporters are easy to load; as easy to move around as any large van are quicker and safer to drive at speed.
  • Of course you may not fancy driving either one of our units or hiring a trailer. No problem, we can undertake the job for you using our highly trained and insured staff.

So no more ifs and buts book a car transporter now.

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