About our Transporters

Some tedious but useful, essential technical information about our car transporter hire units or indeed if you might opt to hire a trailer

If you are not a car transporter geek who might already know it,   this information will be useful in deciding whether one of our units is suitable for your use. Indeed it might also keep  you legal if you opt for another solution

Our car recovery units are 3.5t gross vehicle weight this means that holders of a standard (category B)car licence are qualified to drive our units. 3.5t DOES NOT refer to the payload you can carry onboard but to the TOTAL weight of vehicle + driver + load. In reality that means that you will be able to carry between 1.4 and 1.5t.

If you are thinking that securing a vehicle onto one of our transporters is difficult take a look at this engrossing movie. The Adventures of a Strapping lad if there is any natural justice it must surely attract an Oscar nomination!

Should you wish to tow a trailer things become more complicated and to ensure that you are aware what you can legally tow visit click here

As stated , 3.5t refers to the TOTAL weight of the car transporter + load carried. Apart from your own safety and that of the car transporter, if you are stopped by the Police, weighed and found overloaded you may incur a substantial fine and may not continue with your journey.

The width of the bed is 2.14m and the average length is 4.3m. Most of our units can carry up to 1.5t. The overall length of these vehicles is usually around 7m (this is important when obtaining a ferry/ chunnel quote.)

It maybe that you are considering the alternative of  hiring of a trailer instead of one of our car transporter hire units. To keep yourself safe and legal check

What weight your car can legally tow remember to calculate the weight of the load + the weight of the trailer

You may have a 4x4 that can tow very heavy loads. HOWEVER!!!!! Please bear in mind as ever, that if your car + trailer + load exceeds 3500kgs you must have cat C on your licence or have passed your driving test prior to the magic date of  1/1/1997.

By the way, if someone offers you the use of a car dolly (a trailer where only the front wheels of the car are off the road) then the car you are towing MUST be taxed. This is a fact not widely appreciated and ignoring this rule could be very expensive indeed.

Well wasn't that tedious?

Our car transporter hire units are equipped, as standard, with a powerful electric winch. These enable you to load/ unload vehicles that are non-runners.

In addition to a winch our units come equipped with 4 straps to secure your load.

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