Advantages of DIY

There are many advantages in car transporter hire over using a carrier to move your car

  • Significant cash saving and convenience
  • Move your car with care
  • If you are buying a car over the internet -you get the chance to check the car before paying
  • Use the transporter as an inspection pit to have a good look underneath
Cash saving
  • Car transporter hire can save you a lot of cash
  • Typically a professional car transportation company which is properly insured will charge between £1 and £2 per mile for long journeys and rather more per mile for short journeys. You can have the car moved to fit in with your plans. Most vehicle movements are undertaken to suit the convenience of the transportation company. Some companies who operate very large transporters and who usually offer the lower prices may take your order and then you start waiting for the moment when that company has one of their transporters in the area to pick up your car. It is not uncommon to find yourself waiting weeks.
Move your car with care
  • Hire a car transporter and you will know how your car has been handled
  • If you are not present when the car is collected you may have a car delivered with significant damage, especially to the underside of the vehicle and the exhaust system. Should you happen to notice damage when the vehicle is delivered to you the carrier simply states that is the condition when he collected the car. The seller says no it was perfect. You are in between the two and cannot prove who is responsible. You bear the cost of repair.
Chance to inspect the car before paying
  • Hire a vehicle transporter and you can always drive away and  leave a sub-standard car
  • At least 3 or 4 times a month having hired a car transporter from us clients return the transporter to us without having collected the car they bid for. The reasons are either:
  • • The car is not as described in terms of mechanical or body condition
  • • Our clients followed our car buyers guide and identified something suspect about the car

If those clients had engaged a carrier the carrier would simply deposit the car on your doorstep and if you found something amiss with the car you will almost certainly have trouble getting your money back. – visit our car buying check list for tips on what to look out for when collecting a car.

Car thieves love it when a car transportation company deals with the car collection!!
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