7.5t Beavertail Car Transporter hire Slash your car transportation costs

At present ONLY available from our car transporter hire location at Horsham, West Sussex. These car transporters allow you to carry a load substantially heavier than the payload of our 3500kgs car transporters, weighing up to 2.75t (2750kgs)

Employing a car transportation company to move a vehicle weighing over 1500kgs is usually ferociously expensive. Charges levied by car carriers per mile are often £2.50 -£4.00+ per mile and, of course, you are at the mercy of when it id convenient to the carrier to deliver your vehicle.

Beavertail car transporters for private use

Our 7.5t car transporters come equipped as standard with straps to secure your load on and an electric winch should you need to move a non-runner.

You may legally drive these vehicles ONLY if you hold a class C1 licence OR you passed your driving test BEFORE 1st January 1997.

These trucks maybe hired for European use, however, on the continent even though you are using it for private purposes you will be obliged to use the tachograph and to observe driverís hours legislation in the relevant country. It is your responsibility to ascertain the legislation applying in the countries you are visiting.

You will be required to sign a declaration that the truck is being used for your own private use.

The rental for one day is £150 including insurance any miles travelled over 250 are charged at 15 pence per mile up to 600 miles and £1 per mile thereafter. Discounts on 2 or more days.

Why does the mileage charge go up so much? As a private hirer you are exempt from the requirement to observe tachograph regulations. However, we feel as a company, that it is our responsibility to dissuade those customers who might be tempted to drive excessive miles/hours which might place themselves, other road users and our truck in danger. Discount given if you need to hire for 2 days or more.

IMPORTANT: Beavertail car transporters for business use

You may legally use these trucks on the road ONLY if your business holds an operatorís licence. If you do not know what an operatorís licence is it means that you do not have one. Consult the VOSA website https://www.gov.uk/being-a-goods-vehicle-operator/overview for more information. To obtain an operatorís licence will take you 3-6 months and a great deal of paperwork.

If you do have an O licence you must provide evidence that our vehicle has been added to your O licence.

You will be required to sign an undertaking that you hold an O licence and our vehicle has been added to it. You will also be required to provide your own tacho discs.

Use of these trucks for business use without holding an ĎOí licence is illegal and, if you break the law, you risk incurring substantial fines and costs. Any costs incurred by us due to you breaking the law will be YOUR responsibility to pay.

Please note that if the truck is used for business purposes in contradiction of your signed undertakings any losses or costs we incur in recovering our vehicle will be recoverable from you.

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